Venue Questions

  • What is the maximum capacity? 200-250. If the event needs tables and chairs for all guest, it can accommodate 200 comfortably. If the event is more casual, such as a standing cocktail reception, it can hold up to 250. The legal limit at the venue is 250.

  • Is Paraiso Maravilla an all-inclusive venue? No, Paraiso Maravilla is not an all-inclusive venue. We required that you select a caterer from our preferred list. Alcoholic beverages must be provided through our in-house beverage company. Outside alcohol is not permitted.  

  • Does the venue rental cost include food and liquor? No, the venue rental covers the cost of the space only.

  • How many hours is the event? Included with the rental is 4 hours (Friday-Sunday events).

  • When is the setup? The setup is three hours directly before your event.

  • When is the breakdown? One hour immediately following the end of your event. 

  • How do my guest parks? Complimentary valet is included for weekend events only. Weekday events will incur additional fees.

  • Are there additional fees to host both the ceremony and reception? There are no additional fees to host both ceremony and reception. 

  • Does Paraiso Maravilla provide décor? Full décor is not provided. However, the basic candle package and 12 black lanterns are included. Upgraded candle and lanterns packages are offered at an additional cost.



Catering & Bar Questions

  • How do I select my caterer? Paraiso Maravilla requires that you select a caterer from our preferred list.

  • Who provides the alcoholic beverages? Alcoholic beverages must be provided through our in-house beverage company. Outside alcohol is not permitted.

  • Can I bring my own liquor? No, liquor is contracted with our exclusive in-house beverage vendor. Any outside liquor found on premises will be confiscated.


Vendor Questions

  • Can I choose my own vendors? With the exception of catering and liquor, Paraiso Maravilla allows outside vendors (florist, bakers, photographers, DJs, etc.) Recommendations are available upon request.

  • Does Paraiso Maravilla plan my event? Paraiso Maravilla is not responsible for planning your event. We work with your coordinator to execute your event. A coordinator is required.

  • Can my vendors leave setup items over night? Paraiso requires all breakdowns to occur directly after the event has ended. We allow 1.5 hours for breakdown.


Misc. Questions

  • When can I schedule my wedding rehearsal? Rehearsal time is complimentary and based on availability. The rehearsal cannot be scheduled later then 6pm and must remain within the allotted 1-hour time.                

  • Are sparklers allowed? No sparklers or other incendiary devices are allowed.

  • Does Paraiso Maravilla require wedding insurance? No, but we encourage clients to purchase liability insurance.

  • Do you provide a sound system? No, DJs and bands prefer using their own sound equipment.

  • Is there special pricing for events held on holidays? Holiday bookings are always priced as Saturday events regardless of the day on which they fall. Major Holiday and Holiday weekends will incur additional charges.